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G17: 9mm Standard
G17L: 9mm Long Slide
G34: 9mm Competition
G22: .40 Standard
G24: .40 Long Slide
G35: .40 Competition
G31: .357 Standard G19: 9mm Compact
G23: .40 Compact
G26: 9mm Subcompact
G27: .40 Subcompact

Glock G19 (GEN3) Specifications and Parts List

Glock G19

Frame Size: Compact
Caliber: 9mm (9x19)
Mag Capacity: 15 Rounds
Barrel Length: 4.02"
Trigger Pull: 28 N
Safety: Safe Action®
Overall Length: 7.36"
Overall Width: 1.26"
Overall Height: 5.04"
Loaded Weight: 30.16 oz.

The Glock 19 (Gen 3) is a compact frame 9mm pistol that features a 0.47" shorter slide than its bigger brother, the G17, and is 0.43" shorter overall with a magazine inserted. Like all Glock pistols, it is accurate, reliabile, low weight, and offers large magazine capacities. Teh G19 and G17 models are by far the most popular among Glock enthusiasts and offer the most aftermarket components, upgrades, and accessories.

Build A Glock 19 Gen3

Glock G19 Frame
P80 Frame (Textured)
Glock G19 Frame Parts Kit
Frame Parts Kit
Glock G19 Slide
Slide (Standard)

Slide (RMR Cut)
Glock G19 Slide Parts Kit
Slide Completion Kit
Glock G19 Barrel

Glock G19 Sight Upgrades

The most important upgrade you can make to any Glock pistol is to replace the factory iron sights with something that offers better visibility and target acquisition. For concealed carry applications, we recommend low profile "big dot" sights but if you can work with larger sights, some high visibility night sights are what we recommend most. For the ultimate pistol sight upgrade, consider a red dot or RMR, but keep in mind that these are bulky and will require an RMR cut slide (see below).

XS Big Dot Sights
DXT Big Dot Low
Profile Sights

Trijicon Night Sights
Trijicon HD XR
Night Sights
Truglo TXF Pro Sights
Truglo TFX Pro High
Visibility Sights

Venom Vortex Sights
Venom Vortex Reflex
3 MOA Red Dot

Trijicon RMR
Trijicon RMR Type 2
3.25 MOA Red Dot

Glock G19 Trigger Upgrades

The trigger is the next most important upgrade you can make to your Glock pistol by providing a smoother pull and cleaner break. While regular use and/or time spent polishing the trigger components will improve the factory trigger pull, aftermarket triggers offer immediate enhancements including a wider trigger body for better purchase, reduced pre-travel, overall travel, and trigger reset, a smoother uptake, and a crisp trigger break. For further improvement, look for a trigger kit that includes a lighter trigger connector, polished safety plunger, lighter striker spring, and a lighter striker. Finally, for a perfectly fine tuned trigger, look for an aftermarket trigger with adjustable pre-travel and over-travel.

Apex Action Enhancement Trigger
Apex Tactical Action
Enhancement Trigger
Apex Action Enhancement Trigger Kit
Apex Tactical Action
Enhancement Trigger Kit
ZEV Pro Series Trigger
ZEV Pro Series
Trigger Kit

ZEV Pro Ultimate Trigger
ZEV Pro Ultimate Trigger
Kit w/ Firing Pin

ZEV Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger
ZEV Fulcrum Ultimate
Adjustable Trigger Kit

*Note that the factory trigger and trigger bar are one assembly and removing the locking pin will destroy the factory trigger. We highly recommend replacing them as a complete assembly.

Tools Needed to Build and Service a Glock Pistol

Thanks to their simple design, Glock pistols are very easy assemble, disassemble, service, modify, and upgrade. For basic work, all you need as a set of brass punches and a bench block, although, we highly recommend a Glock armorers tool that includes a front sight screw wrench. While changing or adjusting the rear sights can be done with a brass punch, a proper sight installation tool is well worth the cost to do it right and prevent damage to the components. Finally, with extended use, the channel liner in the Glock slide will wear out and the only correct way to remove the old one and install a new one is by using a Glock channel liner tool.

Glock Armorers Tool
Glock Armorers Tool
Wheeler Punch Set
Wheeler Brash Punch Kit
Smart Bench Block
Smart Bench Block
Wheeler Sight Tool
Wheeler Gun Sight Tool

Channel Liner Tool
Channel Liner Tool

Glock Gen3 Models:

G17: 9mm Standard
G17L: 9mm Long Slide
G34: 9mm Competition
G22: .40 Standard
G24: .40 Long Slide
G35: .40 Competition
G31: .357 Standard G19: 9mm Compact
G23: .40 Compact
G26: 9mm Subcompact
G27: .40 Subcompact

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