Glock Parts List
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G17: 9mm Standard
G17L: 9mm Long Slide
G34: 9mm Competition
G22: .40 Standard
G24: .40 Long Slide
G35: .40 Competition
G31: .357 Standard G19: 9mm Compact
G23: .40 Compact
G26: 9mm Subcompact
G27: .40 Subcompact

Welcome to Glock Parts List

Glock pistols are some of the most popular firearms available today and while some people complain that their bulky square frames don't fit great in their hands, Glock's technology, reliability, simplicity, interchangeability, universal magazines, customizability, and vast availability of aftermarket parts and accessories, makes them the top choice for many police departments, military units, sportsmen, and gun enthusiasts.

At the heart of any Glock pistol is the polymer pistol frame that is lightweight, durable, corrosion free, and easy to maintain. Glock frames are available in four sizes; standard, compact, sub-compact, and slimline with barrels and matching slides available in 9x19mm, .380 Auto, .357, .40. .45 Auto, .45 G.A.P., and 10mm Auto calibers. With Glock's unique one-size-fits-all magazines, when you find a Glock pistol frame that fits your needs best, the barrel and slide can be changed as needed to accept the ammunition caliber of your choice.

With only 34 components, Glock pistols are not only simple, reliable and easy to maintain, they are also very easy to modify, upgrade, and build. On this website you will find a complete list of parts for each Glock pistol model as well as helpful information, tips and tricks, and popular aftermarket parts to personalize your Glock pistol.

Popular Glock Models currently covers the following Glock models. These are the most popular and universal pistol configurations and are compatible with Polymer 80 Glock pistol frames that we highly recommend as the basis for any custom Glock build. For more information, visit
Glock G17
G17 (Gen 3):
9mm Standard
Glock G17L
G17L (Gen 3):
9mm Standard
Long Slide
Glock G34
G34 (Gen 3):
9mm Standard
Glock G22
G22 (Gen 3):
.40 Standard
Glock G24
G24 (Gen 3):
.40 Standard
Long Slide
Glock G35
G35 (Gen 3):
.40 Standard
Glock G31
G31 (Gen 3):
.357 Standard
Glock G19
G19 (Gen 3):
9mm Compact
Glock G23
G23 (Gen 3):
.40 Compact
Glock G26
G26 (Gen 3):
9mm Sub-Compact
Glock G27
G27 (Gen 3):
.40 Sub-Compact

Glock Generations

Gen 1 The first generation Glock started in 1981 with the trademark polymer frame and Safe Action System. By 1991 the Glock Gen 2 lineup included the G17L, G19, G22, G23, G20, and G21.
Gen 2 Due to a series of recalls, by 1998 all Glocks had upgraded firing pins, extractors, firing pin safeties, spring loaded bearings, and upper trigger bars. Gen 2 Glocks also saw a few variations of the pistol frame including longer frame rails and a checkering texture on the front and rear grips.
Gen 3 Third generation Glock pistols feature an upgraded pistol frame design with finger grooves. Gen 3 Glocks all ship with 3 magazines instead of 2 like the previous models. This is what we consider to be the most popular and universal generation of Glock pistols.
Gen 4 Removable palm grips and a larger and reversible* magazine release are the major upgrades from the Gen 3 design. The slide was changed slightly to accept the new grips so they are not interchangeable with Gen 1-3 slides. A lighter trigger was also implemented along with a dual spring recoil spring.
Gen 5 Glock made a lot of little upgrades for the fifth genearation pistol. The finger groves were removed, a flared magwell was added, the sights were improved, the slide stop was made ambidextrous, a tougher material coating is used, then firing pin and trigger return spring were changed, and an upgraded "marksman" barrel is used.
*Reversing the mag release will make the pistol incompatible with early generation magazines.

Glock Magazine Types

Type 1 NFML (Non-Full Metal Lined) - Older Glock magazines that were not fully lined had a tendency to stick in the magwell. While these magazines still work, they are effectively considered obsolete.
Type 2 FML (Full Metal Lined) - These are traditional style magazines that still fit all common magazine pistols and only have a single magazine catch notch.
Type 3 FML Ambidextrous - This is a Glock type 2 magazine with a center window cut to fit ambidextrous models. Only required for rare ambidexrous Glock pistols.
Type 4 FML Ambidextrous and Reversible Magazine Release - A universal magazine that fits all* Glock pistol models. Mainly required for pistols with a reversed (right side) magazine release.

The key thing to know about buying Glock magazines is that if you want them to be compatible with any and all* Glock pistols, you will need to stick with the latest generation type 4 magazines. Otherwise, if you don't own any ambidextrous Glock pistols or don't use a reversed right-side magazine release, any Glock magazine will fit.

*Not compatible with slimline pistols (G36, G42, G43) that use a single-stack style Glock magazine.

Glock Frame Sizes

Glock pistols are available in three standard pistol frame sizes; standard, compact, and sub-compact. Within these models, long slide and competition editions feature longer barrels for increased accuracy and a few slimline models (G36, G42, G43) use a narrow frame for improved concealability.

Glock Frame Sizes

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